Company Philosophy

Whether you are looking to redesign a single room or an entire house, the team at Luminosus Designs can help transform your space into something sublime. We are known for our well thought out plans, close attention to detail, clean palettes, and striking designs—but many other interior designer firms can boast the same. What makes us different from others?

Beyond Design—For starters, most designers simply create a design for an existing space. We take it a few steps further, re-imagining what the space could be: perhaps annexing a closet to make your dream bathroom a reality, removing a wall to improve traffic flow, or bumping up into an attic to create a lofty ceiling. We can even turn architectural or structural impediments into design elements to make a space uniquely yours.

Fewer Specialist Fees—We perform our own surveys and construction drawings in-house, unlike many firms, which often contract out for these services, passing the costs on to their clients. Properly lighting a room is another one of our strong points. For example, do you know how many lumens of light an entryway or kitchen requires? Don’t worry if you don’t; most designers don’t know either and need to bring in lighting specialists, again passing the cost onto the client. We can advise on just the right mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting so you can go with the glow.

Custom Furnishings—Have a space requiring a unique piece of furniture? Luminosus Designs can custom-design and build it to your specifications. Click here for examples of custom sofas, chairs, tables, rugs, and built-in cabinets and bookshelves we have created for our clients.

Turn Key Operation— Sometimes homeowners will take a design and try to execute it on their own, not realizing that they are taking on the role of a general contractor and all the headaches that entails. Luminosus Designs has long-standing relationships with all the trades, retailers, and suppliers along with a super-organized team that can make purchasing, fabricating, delivery, and installation a breeze.