Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is interior design consulting?

A professional interior designer answers specific questions or addresses any problems clients encounter with decor or space planning. During the process, the design consultant and the client explore options and solutions together, ultimately leaving the client with a better understanding of the issues at hand and a viable solution to resolve them.

Why use a professional designer?

We can offer you the benefits of our training and experience and can quickly provide ideas based on our experiences with similar projects, and can further tailor these solutions to suit your individual needs.

How can I best prepare for our consultation?

Start by listing what you like and don’t like about the space as it is today. Create a Pinterest board or collect pages out of shelter magazines of items, colors, and rooms you love. Write down what your ideal space should feel like, and how you’d like to use it. Be sure to note any specific requests, ideas, or questions you have about the space. Read our Interior Design 101 to understand the lingo. All this information will help guide our conversation during the on-site visit.

What types of additional services can you provide?

In addition to interior design services, space planning, sourcing, and purchasing, we can also work with your architects to create custom homes from the ground up.

Why can’t you just tell me what specific furniture and colors to get?

Furniture and colors work together as a group. Your view of individual colors and furniture pieces will change when they are brought together. Unless the space we’re working with already has most of these elements finalized, we can only suggest a general furniture piece or a range of colors to work with.