“Design is not about creating a beautiful still-life in a room. It is about creating a beautiful space to live in, one that embraces you with a sense of luxury, comfort, and belonging, welcoming you anew each time you enter.”

When asked about her signature style, Mimi thought for a moment. “It doesn’t matter if the house is a classic center hall Colonial, cozy French country, or majestic Georgian,” she said. “Whatever the style, we find a modern interpretation of it to create a stylish mix of sophistication and sensibility.” Inspired by Impressionist masters such as Monet and Renoir, Mimi uses a fresh color palette and favors clean lines in furnishings for a look that is both contemporary and timeless. Mimi believes every room should evoke a sense of belonging and contentment. Whether it is a family gathering or entertaining space or a private sanctuary filled with cherished keepsakes, the room should always draw the homeowners in.

Winner: Best Dining Room;
Finalist: Master Suite

Westchester Home Magazine 2015 Annual Design Contest

She excels at using natural light to enhance colors and architectural elements and a touch of “smoke and mirrors” wizardry to distract from odd angles or improperly spaced windows. Mimi can create a “wow” visual impact while staying on budget by using a mix of custom and high end items with ones purchased from well-priced retailers. She can even perk up clients’ existing pieces, incorporating them into a new design scheme.

Winner: National Metropolitan Design Competition

National Kitchen & Bath Association, 2009

With 15-plus years of experience in the design world, Mimi is an expert at helping her clients prioritize their needs and budget, keeping projects moving smoothly, and managing and coordinating every aspect of the project. Mimi personally oversees all aspects of design and construction for each client, adding many signature touches along the way. Combining her talents with a good dash of humor, Mimi strives to deliver outstanding service in the most efficient and relaxed manner possible.