We converted a charming but outdated 1960s style apartment into a space that is both contemporary yet casual, stylish yet inviting.

Cozy storage benches on the staircase landing created a welcoming entrance. We opened up the main area by combining the living room and dining room into a loft-like space. Solid oak flooring in dark espresso grounded the room. We painted the walls white, then filled the room with white and beige furniture. Dark wood furnishings, and glass tables and lamps provided sparkle and contrast. A neutral-colored rug delineated the living room from the dining area.

The kitchen was enlarged to accommodate modern appliances and more counter space for cooking and entertaining. Glossy white cabinets, some with glass doors, gave the room a clean and contemporary appearance, while providing plenty of storage. Dark slate blue porcelain tiles on the kitchen floor allowed for easy cleaning. A granite countertop in a honed finish complemented the iridescent blue mosaic tiles on the backsplash.

In the large bedroom, we combined two small, awkward spaces into a single room that accented the large window and created a walk-in closet for two. We enlarged the bathroom by taking over the adjacent linen closet. Neutral colors combined with shades of green gave both bedroom and bathroom a warm, luxurious feel. A large rug, made with a blend of wool and silk, provided warmth underfoot on chilly winter mornings.